Welcome to my personal page.

My name is Céline Flipo and I am currently an assistant professor in the department of Management at IESEG School of Management. 

In 2012, I decided to pursue an academic career because I love doing research, learning new things, teaching and interacting with people from different backgrounds. In particular, I am fascinated by understanding not only how people come up with creative ideas but also how they manage to recognize the creative potential of those ideas, as well as that of others' ideas.

Before joining the PhD program at HEC, I have worked in the luxury industry, both in the marketing and HR functions. In particular, I have been working on several seminar projects aiming at developing the creativity of the firm's employees. Altogether, these experiences increased my interest in both creativity and creative industries. 

My research focuses on creativity at the individual and team levels and uses different theoretical lenses and methodologies to investigate the social side of creativity. The central tenet of my research is that creativity is fundamentally socially constructed: creativity only comes into existence once recognized by an appropriate audience while the generation of creative ideas depends on the social environment of the creator.

My dissertation specifically explores the assessment phase of creativity: its antecedents, effects and nature. I explore these issues using two unique datasets, one about chefs in the US gastronomy industry and the other about cooking competitions. 

In my research, I also explore the role played by the social context in the generation of creative ideas by analyzing the actor's roles in the creative process as well as by exploring the contextual contingencies affecting the relationship between social networks and creativity.